If you want to expand to Germany and Europe, Master Franchise Germany® can offer you a wide range of Consultancy Services how to best adapt your Franchise System to the German and also other European markets and cultures. Once you have told us your requirements, we will be able to send you a quote of the cost of our consultancy services.

Feasibility Study

Feasibility Study: Master Franchise Germany® will undertake a detailed analysis of your system and resources, including current and historical trading patterns, and existing and potential turnover and profitability to ensure that the pricing and margin indicators are sufficiently robust to be attractive to Franchisor, Master Franchisee and Unit Franchisees. The destination market will be researched to identify competitors, market trends, conditions and regional adaptability, to establish the strength and long term potential of your brand in the desitnation country. The study will also clarify the exact structure of the proposed franchise model and likely territory numbers, the contents and prices of the franchise Package, and all the documents and agreements needed to protect both the Franchisor, Master Franchisee and Unit Franchisees.

A financial statement of the costs of establishing your Franchise in Germany will be prepared, together with a forecast of the profit and loss models for Franchisor, Master Franchisee and Unit Franchisees. We will also advise on the ideal Franchisee profile, and intellectual property rights protection.The study will take between four to six weeks to prepare.


implementation Programme: We will put into action the blueprint developed during the phase of the Feasibility Study, preparing Franchise Prospectus, a detailed Information Document, advising on design and marketing, initial and on-going Franchisee training, Franchisor, Master Franchisee (if necessary) and Unit Franchisee Manuals, and if necessary Staff Handbooks. If some of the material already exists, Master Franchise Germany® will translate and adapt them to conform to the German environment (including labour laws, etc.).

We will set up reporting procedures, advise on IT and software requirements, corporate image, and internal communications. We will work with the Franchise Lawyer in preparing the Franchise Agreement, advise on proper Intellectual Property Rights protection, and help to prepare recruitment advertising.

We will speak to our contacts in the banks and commercial lenders to ensure that any applicant wishing to finance the licence fee can be directed to a sympathetic and well briefed source. The implementation programme will take two months to complete.

Ongoing support

Recruitment: We can handle all your leads, screening applicants by telephone, sending the initial prospectus and following up with more detailed telephone interviews. The interviews are designed to establish the real interest of a candidate, testing his or her ability to run your franchise. The candidate will be asked to submit a Resume, the NDA and a completed application form and financial statement, and nominate private and business referees. If the applicant appears suitable, we will present him to you. 

On-going Support: In the early days, we can offer help in training and monitoring Franchisee’s performance against KPI’s, tailored specifically to your industry and Franchise. If  you wish to outsource Franchisee Support facilities, we can supply a complete package to include local sales and marketing plans, staff recruitment and training.

Performance Review:  For Master Franchisees, we offer a performance review, which looks at every aspect of the his operation and helps to identify development opportunities, and areas for improvement. We also provide a “secret shopper” service for retail and food concepts.


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